OurAir Geoportal

OurAir Geoportal is developed as part of the Project "Do you know what you breathe?" – educational and information campaign for cleaner air LIFE-MAPPINGAIR/PL. In the Geoportal construction we used solutions previously developed under finished Project Air Pollution and biometeorological forecast and Information System - LIFE-APIS/PL.

The Project is financed by the European Union under the LIFE Financial Instrument and co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Design and implementation of the Geoportal

Concept of the Geoportal, substantive content and functional design - Projektu LIFE-MAPPINGAIR/PL team

Programming, data management and IT support for the Geoportal - Wroclaw Centre of Networking and Supercomputing


The computing and service infrastructure used for the forecasts is maintained by Wroclaw Centre of Networking and Supercomputing (WCSS).


The following solutions were used in developing the Geoportal:

Forecasts - WRF-Chem model (Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled with Chemistry)

Serving of forecasts and data storage by multi-dimensional datacube database Rasdaman (Raster Data Management)

The Project uses the netCDF software developed by UCAR/Unidata

Topographic background of the Geoportal - Open Street Map